Münchner Hocker - Logo Print

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The original »MUC« with your personal Logo or slogan printed on the surface.

Shown here with a customized logo print for Kunstpalais

Please send an additional email with your logo or your slogan and approximate dimensions together with your Order-ID. We will get in touch with you and push your design to overall fitting. Contact here.

In Short:

  • it's a stool
  • it's collapsible
  • easy to use
  • made with enviromental focus
  • longlasting
  • timeless and simple design


  • wood: birch Mulitplex (Playwood)
  • laminate: CPL Laminate
  • fittings: stainless steel

Proportions & Weight:

  • Folded: 560x310x40mm
  • Unfolded: 370x310x433mm
  • Weight: ca. 3.9 kg

Details of Production:

  • Made in Germany
  • Mounted in Bavaria

Available Colors:

  • Gray: 7012RAL
  • White: 9016RAL


Ready to be shipped in 1-3 workdays.